COVID-19: Facts

Around December 2019, a new virus has emerged and it was named the Coronavirus 2019 commonly known as COVID-19. As the virus has spread all over the globe and has became a pandemic, many are ordered to be on lockdown. The golden state of California has ordered at least 40 millions of Californians to be under lock down due to the virus. The fear of COVID-19 still remains ongoing as of March 2020 and millions of Americans go grocery shopping buying foods and amenities to prepare for a lock down. What's most important during a time like this is safety. To best avoid catching the virus; one must keep a social distance of at least 6 feet, avoid being in such large crowds, cancel unnecessary travel plans, stay home and cancel certain travel plans. The COVID-19 is obviously such a nuisance that puts us in such peril but hopefully all of us as a world will get through this. Thank you for the read up and we pray for everyone living during this harsh time.


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